I always have used FL Studio, and never personally found another DAW with a better piano roll. The shortcuts are very intuitive, and I rarely run into problems.

Audio Interface | MOTU - M2

One of the best Audio Interfaces for the price out there. Highly recommended if you are looking for one! It also has a great amp that drives my HD 6XX and HS5.

Studio Monitors | Yamaha HS5

My main studio monitors for mixing since 2022. I love them!

Fantastic reference headphones. The bass is not too aggressive, the mids are pristine, and highs are detailed.

Midi Keyboard | Nektar SE49

I didn't need anything fancy, just something to test out patches and do simple tasks. The Nektar SE49 does just that!

Awesome mixing tools!

Ozone 10 Advanced for mastering, Neutron 4 for mixing, and much more!

This bundle contains a LOT of libraries, and every single one of my tracks includes at least one of them. The software includes (I bolded what I most often use):


Kontakt 7, Reaktor 6, Komplete Krontol, Battery 4, Flesh, Polyplex


BX_Oberhausen, Blocks Prime, FM8, Form, Knifonium, Kontour, Massive, Massive X, Monark, Playbox, Razor, Reaktor Prism, Reaktor Spark, Retro Machines MK2, Rounds, Skanner XT, Super 8, TRK-01

Sampled Instruments:

Symphony Series: Brass Ensemble, Brass Solo, String Ensemble, Woodwind Ensemble, Woodwind Solo, Percussion

Amati Viola, Guarneri Violin, Stadivari Cello, Stradivari Violin, Choir: Omnia

Cinematic: Action Strikes, Action Strings 2, Arkhis, Ashlight, Damage, Emotive Strings, Kinetic Metal, Kinetic Toys, Lores, Mallet Flux, Mysteria, Pharlight, Rise & Hit, Sequis, Straylight, Thrill

Spotlight Series: Balinese Gamelan, Cuba, East Asia, India, Middle East, West Africa

Pianos: Alicia's Keys, Noire, Piano Colors, The Gentleman, The Giant, The Grandeur, The Maverick, Una Corda

Electric Pianos/Organs: George Duke Soul, Treasures, Scarbee A200, Scarbee Clavinet/Pianet, Scarbee Mark 1, Vintage Organs

Drums: Abbey Road Vintage Drummer, Abbey Road 50s Drummer, Abbey Road 60s Drummer, Abbey Road 70s Drummer, Abbey Road 80s Drummer, Abbey Road Modern Drummer, Drumlab, Studio Drummer

Basses: Scarbee Jay-Bass, Scarbee MM-Bass (Amped), Scarbee Pre-Bass (Amped), Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass, Session Bassist - Prime Bass

Session Guitarist: Electric Mint, Electric Sunburst Deluxe, Electric Vintage, Picked Acoustic, Picked Nylon, Strummed Acoustic, Strummed Acoustic 2

Contemporary Strings/Horns: Session Horns Pro, Session Strings Pro 2

Play Series: 40s Very Own Drums, 40s Very Own Keys, Analog Dreams, Butch Vig Drums, Cloud Supply, Deft Lines, Empire Breaks, Ethereal Earth, Glaze, Hybrid Keys, Ignition Keys, Lo-Fi Glow, Melted Vibes, Modular Icons, Soul Sessions, Stacks

Sound Libraries | Steinberg - HALion 6

Incredible synths, and a lot of useful instruments for layering and more! Also a great sample manipulator tool.

Sound Libraries | Spectrasonics - Keyscape

Amazing keys. Pianos, Rhodes, Celesta, and many more awesome instruments.

I use these instruments a lot simply because of how versatile they are. They can work in any scenario do to the dryer, more intimate sound.

This is another go-to for me personally! I use this for the mallets mainly now, but I used to use it for almost everything back in mid-2020.

This is outstanding, versatile, and powerful brass. I used this for a lot of my projects that I need tight yet powerful brass. The amount of control they give you is amazing, and the trumpets can play extremely fast repetitions! I even use this for my more jazzy brass! This library has a whole set of mutes.

Very versatile woodwinds that work in SO many scenarios. Great clarinets, oboes, and english horns. Very expressive saxophones are included as well, which is amazing! I use them for most of my saxophone lines. Combined with Infinite Brass, I can make some really convincing bigband sections!

Sound Libraries | Audio Imperia - Areia

I use this for most of my strings! It really is an incredible library that can handle any task I throw at it.

Sound Libraries | Audio Imperia - Solo

Fantastic, expressive soloists!

I use this for my loud cinematic-sounding brass! It's loud, powerful, but also can get quiet if you want it to! I use it for emotional brass solos too.

Sound Libraries | Project Sam - True Strike

Fantastic orchestral percussion that can be used for many purposes! It gets nice and loud, perfect for cinematic style scores.

This library contains a lot of unique instrument combinations here that really spark creativity. I always return to this library for the percussion, and string section!

These libraries really pack a punch for the price, and I use them regularly!

Sound Libraries | Spitfire Audio - Various Others

Spitfire Audio's harp is one of the best, and a lot of times I layer it with the BBC harp. Ricotti Mallets I tend to layer with the BBC mallets as well, it gives them a sharper more precise sound. Orchestral Swarm is amazing for textural work, and really bringing emotions out of an orchestra.

Tina Guo Acoustic cello is an extremely expressive cello library that plays cello passages full of emotion. Taylor Davis is my go-to versatile solo violin library!

Fantastic powerful choir... and super easy to use.

Sound Libraries | Steven Slate Drums 5.5

I use this for most of my drums! Great stuff.

Sound Libraries | Project Sam - Adaptive Runs

Great orchestral runs!